HTML was designed to create contents that can be deliver easily. Presentation of the content was not very important. But with time, when sharing information became an important part of human life, presenting contents in user friendly and accessible way became important as well. As the name describe, the semantics gives meaning to the content. It helps organize the data in a particular fashion. That fashion makes information easy to be processed by machine and human beings.

The purpose of semantic markup can be divided into three parts; Content, Presentation, and Behavior. Separating the contents from the presentation and behavior provides a very efficient way to manage it. In HTML web design, when contents is separated with different elements, it helps in isolating the main content from its design.


Presenting information in an accessible way to everyone is also a very important part of semantic markup and CSS. People with disability for instance poor vision and partial blindness need special accommodation to make content readable. Baby boomers with low vision have trouble with small text size. With the help of semantic markup and CSS, contents can designed to be easily accessible by everyone including disable people with poor vision. A good color contrast and appropriate font-size can serve this purpose. By keeping this purpose in mind, a black and white color contrast combination has been used in this project.

SEO-search engine optimization

SEO is use to make a website more visible for search engine like google, Yahoo, Bing. The semantic markup elements also serve the purpose of tagging the contents so that it can be easily accessible for search engines to search and present it to users. Making website with special SEO technique can increase the amount of visitors on it and also can obtain a high ranking placement in the search result pages of a search engine. A heavy traffic on a website is a good problem for any business to have and strategic semantic markup can help to make it happen.

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