Semantic Markup, SOE, and Accessibility

Semantic Markup

Semantic markup in regaurds to XHTML or HTML is the structure of the importance of information. For example, the “h” tags that may be used. From the top of the page down, semantic markup is used. The title or headling would usually be taged with “h1” as the information on the page goes on different tags may be used in relation of importance. Semantic Markup can also be used to empsize certain things in a set of information, depending on the importance of that information.With semanitic mark up, exposure is given to the part of the information that me marked as most important. Along with the various tags being used, CSS pages help in assisting in emphasizing certain information that needs to be emphasised.


From Section 508, an amendment to the United States Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973, it is enforcing electronic and information technology to be acessible to those with disibilies. It covers anything computer related including hardware and software. Along with any any computer and software, websites, phone systems, and copiers are also covered under section 508. Along with the use of sementic markup, another thing that is enforeced the ability to read the content anycertain page in the absense of any style sheet that may make it more difficult with vision disabilities to see. Overall, Section 508 is enforcing that no one is left out with all the hardward and software technologies our generation comes with.

Search Engine Optimzation (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the algorithm that seach engines use to devide what websites are placed at the top of the list during websearches. The algorithm includes the words in the page, the title of the page, links on the page, words within the links, as well as the reputaion of the web site. The more a certain site fits within that citeria the more likely it will reach the top of the search engine list. It can also be tied into sematntic mark up of the page. If the title of a page is marked up with the correct tags that are being seached there is a better chance of it being higher up in the search.

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