Semantic Markup, Accessibility, & SEO

Semantic Markup, Accessibility, & SEO

Semantic Markup

‘Semantic Markup’ is the usage of proper tags on a html code to make it
understandable by website crawlers, blind people, search engines and everyday
users. It is used by search engines to properly decipher what the website is saying
and properly display it to an average user. Having proper semantics can easily move
a website from bottom of the search list to the top. It helps an average user read
codes while someone blind can use their “page reader” to easily navigate through a
website with proper semantic markup.

Section 508 – Accessibility

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires Federal agencies to make their
website accessible to anyone with disabilities. It the law requires that not only the
website but all of their electronic and information technology (EIT) are to be
accessible to anyone who is disabled. In order to have provide fair access to all the
EIT, the law was put in place to discourage discrimination.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization simply referees to how a search engine sees and ranks
your website. Search engines are a key factor to the growth of a website as if the
website is at the top of a search engine more people are likely to see it and interact
with the website. Some key factors that a search engine looks for in a website are:
words used in website, the title used, links attached to other website, words used in
links, and the current reputation of the website. Meeting some of the key factors a
search engine looks for can mean the difference between a big sale versus a
bankruptcy due to loss of customers.

How are they all related?

You can’t have a tringle with only two angles and in this case you can’t have establish
one of those rules without having the others in play. Semantic Markup is required to
have Section 508 in place as the semantic markup is a key role in allowing the
disabled to navigate a website properly. In the case of search engines, one will not
get proper search results without the proper semantic markups placed.

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