Random Access Memory

Random Access Memory

Semantic Markup

Semantic markup is a way to write and provide structure to your web design. It is meant to focus on the meaning of what you are writing as opposed to the appearance. With the introduction of HTML5
plenty of new elements were introduced to markup with. Some of these new elements are footer, nav, section, article, and so many more. The goal of semantic markup is to make it easier for both
the developers and the browsers.

Section 508 Accessibility

Section 508 accessibility is a part of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. This law requires that all electronic and information technology be accessible to people with disabilities.
Section 508 establishes clear guidelines in the form of a checklist as to how to maintain a compliant website. An example of one of the items is that all images or multimedia need to have
accompanying text to describe the image.

Search Engine Optimization

The general idea behind SEO is to get un-paid search results in an optimized manor. The purpose is to make small changes to your website design that make it more attractive to a search
engine. When a user searches a term or phrase in a search engine, the engine crawls through the various results and searches for key words as well as a website’s navigability and readability.
Websites that rank higher are more likely to then be shown to a user.

How They Relate

Together, these three components makes for a more user frienly and enjoyable internet experience. The knowledge and information you may have on your website is useless if people can not read
it or access it. The information is also useless if users can not make a google search and get to it. Keeping these three concepts and ideas in mind when creating a website will help make the
end product that much better.

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