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Semantic Markup and Accessibility

Semantic Markup

Semantic Markup is used in HTML to convey meaning of information in certain webpages. Semantic Markup can be used by search engines such as Google to become searchable. Semantic Markup is also used by the blind to read pages. The blind can use their pagers to translate the information into sounds.

Section 508-Accessibility

Section 508 is an amendment to the United States Work Rehabilitation Act, that states that electronic information technology that was developed by Federal agencies must be accessible to those with disabilities. The law applies to all Federal agencies.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO ranks the terms in different sites through the use of search engine results. The search engine attempt to display the most relevant information at the time.

How are they related

The three,Semantic Markup, Section 508, and SEO, are related because they all attempt to create a more accissible and effecient experience on the web. Semantic Markup allows web pages to be readable, Section 508 insures the page is under strict guidelines, and SEO brings relevance. All of these together allow the web to be more friendly to those with disabilities.

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