Cell Phones

Cell Phones

What is Semantic Markup?

Semantic Markup is the word used to represent information in webpages
while using markup language such as HTML.The sematic makeups tell the browser
some information about the contains of the tag.

  • h1: h1 element initiates that its the most important heading of
    the section.The “h” stands for header and hi is the lardest of the
    group so should be put in the top of the page
  • h2 and h3: These show the structure of the document. IF there is an outline these are what you put on top of the page
  • p: This indicates that a new paragraph is being created to input
  • ul, li, and ol: These command is used for lists. ul stands for unordered
    list that creates bullet points. li stands for list iteams and used to define
    when a new iteam for the list starts and ends. Lastly, lo stands for ordered
    list and numbers the list.

Section 508 Accessibility

Section 508- Accesibility refers to the certain requirements
that websites must meet to accomoodate user with diabilities.
This means that all users should have access to websites without
discrimination because of disabilities such as blindness. Section
508 basically levels the playfield for all the users.

Search Engine optimization

Search engine optimization refers to the amount of traffic
that websites recieve from seach engines such as Google or Bing.
SEC is essential for bringing users to a website and keep them
coming back. A website getting plain traffic is not good enough
there has to be quality traffic meaning users that are genuinelly

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