What is Semantics Purpose on these pages???

What is Semantics Purpose on these pages???

Have you ever had a site where nobody loved that page? Meaning you had 0 views in the past month since the site has been up?

Well, you’re either posting irrelevant material or you’re not utilizing something called Semantic Markup. Semantics are a key concept that make websites understandable by the glorious Google and other lame search engines and those that need website read to them a.k.a. blind people or people that love to listen to their computer talk html5 to them.

Using semantics give meaning to the website.You may use elements such as &ltarticle;>,<aside;>,&ltdetails;>,<figure;>, etc. However tags such as <div;> and <span;> do NOT explain the content on the page. Semantics is read from top to bottom of the page. There can be some finessing and flaunts to create a eloquent story to those that are visual listeners. This is especially useful for blind folks because it paints a more organized picture to the web page.

CSS is used to be used for sites that want to organize their styles in a seperate file in order to create a uniform style making styles for all the pages to be equal. However if you want a different style for certain pages you can put an inline style instead.

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