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Python History

Python has origins that date all the way back to December of e989. It was originally created by Guido van Rossum as a hobby project. It was born out of the ABC language which was a terminated project of the Dutch CWI research institute that van Rossum worked for. He created Python as a scripting language for the Ameoeba distributed operating system. One of its principal strenghts that allowed it to take off from the beginning was its ability to communicate with libraries and differing file formats. This was a major innovation at the time. It remains an easier language to learn today and is often recommended as the first language a programmer should learn.

Pros and Cons of Python

Python Logo


  • Free Availability, Python is open source and sponsored by Microsoft, Google and others.
  • Stability, Python is in release 3.6 at this point and is actually older than Java.
  • Has excellent support for objects, modules and other reusability mechanisms.
  • Easy integration with and extensibility using C and Java.
  • Designed to be easy to read, which in turn facilitates open source development.
  • Python is multiparadigm and supports OO, procedural, and functional programming styles unlike Java.


  • Speed, because it is an interpreted language it is often many times slower than compile langauges.
  • Absence from mobile computing and browsers, it is weak in mobile computing.
  • Design restrictions, because it is dynamically typed it requires more testing and has errors that only show up at runtime.
  • Smaller pool of Python developers compared to other langauges.


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