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Java History

Java was a revolutionary technology that has changed the computing world since 1995. In the early 90’s using network computing for the activities of everyday life was more a radical vision. With this idea in mind a group of sun engineers called the “Green Team” began working on something that would revolutionize the world. That something was Java. Java was orignally introduced with an interactive, handheld home-entertainment controller that turned out to be too advanced for the time. Luckily at around the same time the internet was just starting to gain its popularity and Java turned out to be a perfect fit. The rest is history.

Pros and Cons of Java


  • Syntax that is familiar to any other C based language.
  • Has a very large and standard class library.
  • Java has excellent portability, evident in its widespread use to this day.
  • Popularity makes it extremely useful to know and use, it can be found almost anywhere, evidence suggest that 90% of Fortune 500 componies use Java.
  • Java anchors Android apps development. Which has a large market share for mobile computing.


  • Security issues have tainted its reputation. These vulnerabilities were used to carry out attacks in 2013 against Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Twitter and others as well.
  • The Competition is getting stiffer, although Java still sits at number one by percentage of use at 13.774% its a major drop from the 19.804% it was at the same time last year.
  • Apple has proven Java can be banned without fallout, Java itself is not allowed on the iPhone or Ipad and there continued success without it speaks for itselft.
  • Large Memory Footpring


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