Desktop/Notebook Hardware

Desktop/Notebook Hardware


When it comes to computers they are normally put into two categories.
Desktop computers and notebook computers. Each has its pros and cons.
They can best be compared when you look at their hardware.


A desktop computer is one that can fit on or under a desktop. The computer and its components are housed within a vertical or horizontal tower. Other
components of the computer that are separate from the tower, include the mouse, keyboard, monitor, and speakers. These machines are meant to be stationary and
not portable.


A notebook computer is one that has all the components of a desktop computer. Unlike a desktop computer a notebook computer has everything built into one
physical object so that it is mobile friendly.


Desktop and notebook hardware have the same function but still differ in certain ways. Main hardware components that can be compared include the central processing unit(CPU), graphics processing unit (GPU), random-access memory(RAM), and the motherboard.

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