Random Access Memory

What is RAM (Random Access Memory)?

By definition, random access memory is the hardware that allows data to be read and written to the hard drive of a system.

Why is "RAM" necessary?

RAM is the lifeline that allows information for the user to retrieve it at a later date, upon usage of an application.

The purpose of memory is to retain information for a set, or definitive, period of time, unless damage to the system occurs, or if the system is powered down.

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How is RAM used?

When data is stored in random places, this is because the processor needs as little time as possible to access the data necessary for applications to run. Data is NEVER
stored sequentially; the best analogy for this is rewinding and fast forwarding a cassette tape to a favorite scene in a movie. Time consuming, isn’t it?

Read-write heads are used to point out the information for access, and RAM, in modern times, is a chip that is attached, that serves as part of the internal memory of a computer.

  • Here is a video explaining what random access memory is.

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