The Playstation 5

The Playstation 5


History Of Playstation

Playstation released its first console in 1994. It is now going to
release the
Playstation 5 this year.
The playstation 1 was the first console to sell 100 million units. The
Playstation had titles like Final Fanasty 7, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and
Metal Gear Solid. The following console was the Playstation 2. The Ps2
came with ton of improvements including the ability to acess the
internet, playing games in the 64-bit. It was one of the fastest selling
consoles of all time.The next generation was the Ps3, unlike its
predecessors It had trouble selling at first because being over priced
and had bad marketing compared to their competiors. The though
the end of the console generation they were able to sell over
100 million units. With the games like Uncharted, Infamous,
and Last of Us making the console worth the price.
The Ps4 is one fastest selling of all time. The console was had a great
opening marketing campaign and was able to follow it up great console exclusive games.
Some of the games are God of War, Spiderman, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and the Last of Us 2.
Now we are waiting for the Ps5.

The Dualshock Controller

The first playstation controller was way different then the one one know now.It did not
have either of joysticks. IT only had the d-pad for movement. The Ps2 is when the controller
got the name dualshock when it the symmetrical joysticks on the bottom of the controller.
Other than that it it kept the same design. The Ps3 controller added an addition bumpers
on the controller. Then Ps4 change out the select and start buttons for options and the share function.
The Ps4 also added a touchpad to the controller. The Ps5 controller is bulker than the previous generations

ps5 Rumors


The Ps5 price has not been offically annouced yet. This does not mean
people will not guess on what it will be. They make these guesses based
on the specs of the console and the state of the world economy. The
prices that have been thrown out are 500 usd and 700 usd. The 500 is
based on the specs of the console and what seems reasonable. The 700 is
based on a website that posted their retail preorder at the price.


The rumored games for the Ps5 have been changing for a while. The major
third party games are a new Batman Game by Wb Montreal, A new Harry Potter
game, A Sucide Squad game by Rocksteady, a new Tomb Raider Game. The
rumored first party games include God of War 2, and Spiderman 2. Most of
the games are not with the same as the console launch year.


The Ps5 has a line up of new accessories. The one thing that was not
mention was a new VR helmet. The speculation on that is they do not
want to mixup marketing with the new console. Though the from the way the
people talk to the press there is on in development.

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