Anti-Virus Software and You

Anti-Virus Software and You

What is Anti-Virus?

Anti-Virus is software dedicated to locating, combating, and removing
harmful programs such as malware, adware, and spyware. Simply put, it is
tasked with protecting your computer from potential external attacks.

With this knowledge, millions of computer users have installed anti
virus programs on their machines for basic protection. In fact, a plethora
of Internet users may have more than one antivirus machine running on their
computer. While this, generally, is not a good idea, it is not too difficult to
see at the blindingly fast speed the Internet changes at.

The simple fact is that virtually any user connected to the Internet can
be infected with a virus. A user who does not connect to the Internet can
still be infected through direct means, but chances are lower. With the
increasing number of viruses being created, tested, and distributed daily,
it becomes even more important to understand how viruses work and how they
attempt to disrupt the three pillars of security: confidentiality,
integrity, and availability.

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