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What’s new?

12/09/2004 – Finally got this site up and running. Coding in VI is not as bad as some people make it out to be.

12/09/2004 – Set up the Downloads Page to show off my use of PSCP.exe (only took me 3,000 tries to get the syntax write – damn you Command Line!)

12/10/2004 – Because I am all about using code that is useful: shall-we-play-a-game?.

12/10/2004 – OK, this might actually be something you can use: Flash Quiz Example.

12/10/2004 – After looking around alot and getting generally baffled by the sheer number of different ways to make
windows and linux play nice together, I decided that enough guides have been written. Instead, I will
add some links to the useful links section on that topic.

Useful Links

  • Linux BASH Commands
  • How to use PSCP.exe on a Windoze Machine.
  • Installing Linux on a Windoze Machine:
    • CoLinux
    • Linux Alongside Windows
    • Dual Booting (sounds dirty…)
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