Gaming Systems

Gaming Systems

Introduction to Gaming History

The first gaming console was a prototype made in 1967 called the “Brown Box”. The console was a simple wooden box that had six simple games, ping-pong, tennis, handball, volleyball, chase games and light-gun game. The console was invented by Ralph H. Baer, the “father” of video games. Little did he know, consoles would become one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world.

Console Wars – Xbox vs. PlayStation


With the success of its previous two consoles, PlayStation came to the table witha pricier system that costed about $599 dollars. While PlayStation 3 came with new Blueray technology, it its higher price point meant that consumers were naturally inclined to go for more cheaper options. This increase in price was ultimately a poor decision by Sony. The new technology that came with the console did not ultimately come in Sony’s favor. Microsoft took advantage of Sony’s ordeal and developed a relatively cheap console. While Xbox 360 had only a DVD player versus a blueray, this did not seem to deter many buyers when choosing between the two.

Online Gaming

A major aspect of modern console gaming is the online play. With the popularity of multiplayer in games on the original Xbox, Microsoft came back again with its popular Xbox Live. One downside to Xbox Live was that it was a paid subscription. Unlike PlayStation, Xbox Live was subscription based and required a monthly fee to play online at all. This meant that more money concious gamers suffered more when buying Xbox, While PlayStation offered a subscription, it was optional to play online. This meant that those purchased a PlayStation did not have to worry about paying for anything right away.

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