AV Software Market

This graphic shows the current market share for AV vendors internationally. There are several major players in this market with very large market shares, but there are also several smaller products that control a large part of the market when combined. Please see our Tech Brief page to read more in depth about the AV market, its history, current state, and future predictions.

Antivirus Software Market

The AV market is more depended on now than ever before. As the number of users that go online increase daily, more people are seeking out the best products to fit their specific needs. The market is very vast, dominated by a few big players who’ve been the leading vendors for a substanital amount of time now.


Currently, the AVAST corporation has the largest total market share in the Antivirus industry. Followed closely by Microsoft, these two industry leaders are far beyond any other AV vendors in the world by an extremely large margin.

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