Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligences

AI, short for artificial intelligence are programmed machines to simulate human intelligence, such as learning and solving problems. Main goals of AI include learning, reasoning, and perception. There are different types of AI both weak and strong. An example of a weak AI includes personal assistants, such as Siri. It is classified as a weak AI beacuse it is designed to carry out only one specific job. A strong AI system such as a self driving car is much more complex, and are desigend to problem solve situations without human interferance.

Core Components of AI

There are 6 main componenets to building a artificial intellignece system. The first is AI applications, having a purpose to the AI system such as solving a business problem. The second is to data prep prep and cleansing. Thirdly model, build, train, and run the system. Number four on the list is consumer features, this includes speech, images, and vision used in consumer cases. The fifth is having a natural language processing, this is the “nervous system” of the AI system. Lastly, lifecycle managment, it is importnat to manange AI systems to understand how they perform.

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