Gaming Consoles

Gaming Consoles

Introduction to Gaming Consoles

What is a Gaming console

Video Gaming consoles are specialized computers used specifcially for video gameplay and display. It runs like a PC, using the same essential components
Such as the central processing unit, graphics processing unit, and random access memory. The consoles are under control of their manufactureres
and the software is geared to the machines capabilities. They run differently than traditional desktop computer but have similar components.

Brief History

Today the video gaming industry is worth billions of dollars and nearly two-thirds of all American house holds
have members that play video games with approximately 89 million people using consoles.

In 1967 an inventor named Ralph H. Baer created the “Brown video game console,” consdiered to be the first console created.
Although very simple, it was never seen before and allowed users to play pong, tennis, handball, volleyball, chase game and a light gun-game.
This demonstration of the console led to the licensing of the technology by Magnavox (home electronics company).
They released the Magnavox Odyssey – The first in home gaming console released to the public.

Throughout the years, companys such as ninetendo, Sega, and Sony, competed throughout the 90s to out sell one another.
With new features, better graphics, and more advanced games, the gaming industry only continued to grow. Throughout the 2000’s
Microsoft joined the industry bringing in the first ever ‘Xbox.’ Sega slowly dropped off, leaving Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo left in the battle.

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