Computer Graphics Applications

Computer Graphics Applications

What is Computer Graphics?

When you think about Graphics Design you probably dont think about the screen your looking at or all the designs you pass walking down the street. Graphics design is a growing field today to get peoples attention though a combination of visual images and words or better known as typography. This means that graphics design communicates to you using visual aids through showing images or showing information. Some of the most common forms of graphics design include logos webpages brochures and even packaging. Graphics design today is often made using software. Some examples of graphic design software include Photoshop Illustrator and Adobe Creative Cloud. This software is used to create captivating images that we look at every day. Some examples of things that we look at everyday include logos websites magazines ads and newspapers. These forms of communication play a critical role in businesses today they help companies develop an image for themselves. This helps people establish brand loyalty and gives an idea of what the company is advertising. It also helps companys standout from one another.

History of Computer Graphics

The history of graphic design goes back to cave paintings and walls in third millennium BC.C. However the term graphic design recently became popular in the twentieth century in both book design and general print design Before W. A. Dwiggins coined the term graphic design in a nineteen twenty two boston newspaper article to describe the wide range of jobs he personally tackled commercial artist was the accepted label for the inter related acts of drawing specing comping and laying out. During famous periods in history graphics design not only influenced people but influenced the whole world. During World War II posters were using to encourage men to join the fight and encouraged women to support men leaving for war and working in factorys. A famous poster that describes this is the poster of Rosie the Riveter. This poster was one of the most influential posters during World War II. It wasnt only a poster but it was a campaign ad for recruiting women to work It is estimated that the U.S. produced more than two hundrad thosand different posters during the second war more than any other country. Many of the US war posters were designed by the artists who participated in various competitions to produce a design in support of the war. As you can see images have been influencing us for a while and they help us make important decisions.

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