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Here is my 3rd abstract from info 300:

The computer gaming world has taken huge steps in the last 5 years. With the development of faster and
more powerful video cards and the development of some of the most fascinating physics engines
ever seen, the world of computer gaming is growing to appeal to all audiences. Half-Life 2, the most anticipated
game of 2004, was developed by Valve. Valve developed a new code and gaming engine primarily for this game.
The engine, codenamed “Source”, is revolutionary in its ability to portray realistic physical interactions
with all entities in the game. Each object has its own separate properties and interacts uniquely according to
those properties. Water reflects light, wood splinters, glass shatters, and metal objects are
effected by magnetism. WIth gaming reaching new levels of realism it raises the question of what gaming will be
in the future. Will computers become virtual reality machines where every interaction is in a 3D
graphical interface? It’s impossible to guess with certainty, but by the way technology is acclerating it seems
more than likely the GUI and gaming environments will merge to form a virtual reality computer.

Article used:

Half-Life 2 News

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