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File1, 2, & 3 for ychen3:


Social Media
Social Media is a website or a application that are designed to let people
to share their life. Social Media could be an app on people's smartphone,
tablet, and computer. It is designed to allow people to share their content
quickly and effectively.


How Social Media make money
Social Media makes money by selling advertisement. Social Media like Facebook,
instagram, etc. offers a free platform for the users and sell pages for
business to advertise their products.
When the social media market started long time ago, it was not effective.
People  would pay a lot and get minimal results, or just no return on your
investment. In the present days, many platforms collect data from the
customers and advertise the customer depending on their searches.
Sometimes I have noticed that on my Instagram there are many advertisements
that is cateforized specially for me. Since I've gotten a puppy, I have
searched many different kinds of puppy supplies, and I've been seening a lot
of puppy supplies advertisement on my Instagram page versus the clothing and
gym equipments advertisements like before.


Social Media Marketing and Sharing
People share details of their lives on social media like Facebook, Instagram,
or Snapchat. Most likely for their friends and family to see how they are
currently living like and their own personal style of life.
Social Media market differently in many ways. One major way is the
small advertisement and words of mouth my family or friends that uses
the applications. Causing the user wanting to use the application
themselves also to fit in with the crowd.

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