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File1, 2, & 3 for rghotra:


Mac is the operating system for Apple Inc. It was released in 1984 and began as
a graphical user interface.
The file structure of MAC is more commonly referred to as MAC OS X. MAC stores
application settings in .plist files, which contain the properties of the
preferences. It also has the facility to bridge virtual network interfaces.
Mac is quite popular in our world today, sitting at about 7% over the world.
It is less likely than MAC to be at risk of malware. One downside to MAC is
that it is extremely costly and requires the user to buy the system directly
built or produced by Apple.


Windows is an operating system that was orginially released inn 1985 that was
to be used as graphical user interface atop MS DOS. They were later integrated
to Windows 95, which proved to be a very successful reelease that led to a
sort of Windows transition and revolution.
The file structure for Windows allows for multiple types of user storage. From
logical drives and cabinet drawers, users are able to store their files from
various functioning application programs. As for registry, Windows has a master
database that stores the user settings on the computer itself. Windows
interface became interchangeable as recently as Windows 8.
Windows is the most dominant when it comes to user preference, at 90% over the
world. It's main drawback is that it comes at high risk for malware. As
compared to the other two, Windows is slightly more expensive, starting at
$100. This being said, it is available for purchase and download on a wide
range of systems.


Linux is an operating system that was released in 1991. It was originally
developed in Finnish University for GNU developers. They then integrated GNU
into Linux.
Linux has an extremely variant file structure, as compared to its competitors.
Data is stored in the form of a tree, throughout which all of the user's drives
are mounted. It also does not have a specific registry. Various application
settings are stored on basis of program. There is no central database for
storing the details of hierarchy formatting of files. Linux allows for
easily switched interfaces. utilities such as GNOME and KDE aids in carrying
When looking at Linux comparatively, it is the least used operating system.
Only 1% of users in the world utilize Linux systems. Also, Linux is at very
low risk for being affected by malware. One of the most useful aspects of the
Linux operating system is that it is absolutely free. Everyone is able to
download and utilize it on practically any system.

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