File1, 2, & 3 for pcantu3:


File1, 2, & 3 for pcantu3:


Hello this is a bit of text for you to read this text is not important at all
This is more text to read hello all I hope everyone is doing well
Even more text to read running out of things to say unfortunately


This is text for File 2 good evening class I hope everyone is doing well.
Today I was supposed to mow my lawn but it was raining all day unforutunately.
In class tonight I hope we continue working with the command line.


This is the last file the professor requested that we create.
Class is about to start soon hopefully we do not have another pop quiz.
If we do hopefully he gives us a few more minutes to answer the question.

No lines are longer than 80 characters, TYVM.
Other specified properties aren’t being scored automatically at this time so this is not necessarily good news…

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