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AMD vs Intel: Price
In the past, if you were looking for a decent CPU with a budget-friendly price,
your go-to choice was  AMD. However, with their newest generation of Ryzen
CPUs, AMD has been on par or even surpassed Intel components on price. The AMD
Ryzen 9 3950X, for instance, is easily the brand's most expensive unit,
retailing for around $750. However, the sticker shock you feel backs up some
impressive technology.
When it comes to Intel, Coffee Lake Refresh processors are designed for desktop
usage, and are probably what most people are familiar with. The latest
generation of Coffee Lake Refresh processors from Intel includes the i9-9900K
which retails for around $550 and gives you 8 cores to work with as well as
native integrated graphics.
With this CPU, you'll be able to handle not only day-to-day work, but also just
about any new game that comes onto the market. Intel also has a new line of Ice
Lake processors for laptops, launching the i7-10710U in August of 2019.


AMD vs Intel: Performance
So you've set yourself a budget for a new CPU, but you still have a ton of
options when it comes to performance. On the whole, AMD and Intel Processors
have been on a pretty even keel when it comes to overall performance. Between
the two, it all comes down to whether you need to multitask well or want to
play games at their highest settings.
If you're looking at buying an AMD processor, be advised that very few of their
available CPUs feature integrated graphics. Those that do are referred to as an
Accelerated Processing Unit. The ultra-low budget AMD Athlon 240GE retails
around $80 and features Radeon Vega 3 integrated graphics. This makes it
perfect for low- to mid-grade gaming as well as video streaming for high
quality graphics rendering at a low price. However, if you're into higher-end
gaming, you'll have to pair a Ryzen 7 or 9 CPU with a dedicated GPU to take
your game to the next level.
With Intel, on the other hand, each chip has on-die integrated Intel HD or Iris
graphics, so you can play most mainstream games or stream quality video right
out of the box, no matter what CPU you pick. However, like their AMD cousins,
if you want to play more graphically demanding games, you'll need to choose a
companion GPU.


GPU Comparison: Nvidia vs Radeon
The winners ultimately depend on your individual needs as a gamer. In a few of
the categories, raw performance has lost out to excellent value, so take each
result with a pinch of salt.
Despite this, it is clear that Nvidia is the standout winner in the graphics
card market, with superior high-end graphics cards for enthusiasts and gamers.
The RTX Titan and RTX 2080 Ti are untouchable at the moment, with even the
older 1080 Ti still holding its value nicely.
When we look at who is winning from a value standpoint, AMD is smashing the
competition with multiple options to cater to various low-end budgets. Bang for
your buck is important to many, and with the decreasing prices of the RX 580
and 570, it's now even easier to build a capable machine for less.

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