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File1, 2, & 3 for mdishman:


To direct a crystal's energy you need to program it.
This will work when intention matches the natural quality of the crystal.
Programming a blue crystal to radiate red energy is possible
but it will go against the flow of energy that crystal possesses.
Always get to know the crystal well before you consider modifying.
A crystal that has been used for healing will be better suited for that.
A meditation crystal will amplify the energies of the meditator each time.
It will be less useful as a healing stone.
There are two ways to program a crystal.
The first way is by exposure to a type of energy, such as a light source.
A clear quartz that's exposed to red light will resonate to that frequency.


Every element in the universe that makes up physical matter was formed
within the stars. Throughout universal space the same raw materials
come together to form crystals. The apparent stability and continuity
of the planet is in reality a constant cycle of erosion, deposition
and metamorphosis.
Every crystal is unique in size and shape, yet all crystals of the
same mineral share an identical atomic lattice structure. How light
rays refract, reflect and move through crystal structures largely
determines what colors a crystal will exhibit. Quartz crystal carries
the properties of its elemental constituents: silicon and oxygen.
Many people simply collect crystals and gemstones for their visual
appeal. Natural magic, in contrast to the complex rituals of ceremonial
magic, has always used the unique properties of crystals. In all
periods of history crystals have been regarded as magical and


Holding a stone to a chakra point will show you how it may modify the
energy of that center. Mineralogy reference books will tell you which
stones can be placed in water. Use a clear intention that your chosen
method will cleanse your stones to speed the process.
Dry sea salt without any extra additives draws out negative energies.
Surrounding a crystal with other cleansed stones, or placing the stone
on a large cluster or bed of crystal, is an effective cleansing
method. Incense cones or sticks make sufficient smoke for cleansing as well
as grains, resins, or herbs.
Purple stones, such as sugilite, can help to balance the crown chakra.
Tiger's Eye is a variety of quartz that works well at the solar plexus
chakra. Sapphire is a deep blue crystal that works well at the brow
chakra in the center of the forehead.

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