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The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette is one of the most anticipated vehicle reveals
of the century so far- are you as excited as we are? For the first time,
the production-spec Corvette will be a mid-engine car, opening
possibilities to a much higher level of performance than we've ever seen
from the 'Vette. But you know all that. You're here for world-class,
comprehensive 2020 Corvette coverage and photos you can only find at


Anyone who follows Porsche's 911 variant release cycle knew the 2021
Porsche 911 Turbo S coupe and Cabriolet models were coming, and for some
time. After all, a new 911 always means a new Turbo. For our part, we
drove prototype versions of the cars late last year and came away mighty
impressed. And after a series of leaks, the full-on production versions
of the coupe and Cabriolet models are here, meaning we can finally share
all the juicy details on the most powerful 911 Turbo in Porsche history.


The new Volkswagen GTI will debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month with
a new exterior design. The grille has been completely reworked, although
the GTI's signature red stripe is still there. The headlights take on a
new, slimmer shape, and an optional LED crossbar is integrated into the
daytime running lights, bringing to mind the VW ID 4. Plaid seat
upholstery is an important part of the GTI's interior design, and it's
been confirmed to reappear on the MkVIII GTI. The rear end, which hasn't
been shown yet, is described as receiving a GTI-specific fascia with a
diffuser and exhaust outlets on both the left and right sides.

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