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I love software developement and would love to learn more about
programming and command-line interfaces. I started programming in my
first computer science class in high school and loved it ever since.
I am now taking INFO 300 and FIRE 311 this Summer working towards my
Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems at VCU. I love this major
and all of the things I am learning in my classes! :)
I have taken a class based on unix command lines before and I
learned a lot! I virtualized my laptop prior to it breaking in 2016
and ran 3 different operating systems. It had WIndows 7, Linux Mint,
and Linux Ubuntu and out of the 3 I liked Ubuntu best.
Linux Ubuntu was very responsive, easy to update and upgrad via
sudo commands, easy to customize, and aesthetically pleasing for an OS.
I did not like Mint as much as Ubuntu but I liked it better than
default Windows 7 as it appeared to use less system resources to run.
I previously had my CompTIA A+ certification and I got it in high
school back in my senior year which was 2015. Since then, I did not
have the funds to re-test for it and re-certify but I did have it at
one point and still have my wallet-sized card from CompTIA.
I made a video game at John Tyler as one of my programming
projects and it was very fun to learn overriding, class structure,
and inheritence within classes, methods, and files. It's a
text-based game and plays until the user loses or the user quits
the application.


I just got done reading The Zookeeper's Wife and found it to be
a great read! It was about Poland before, during, and after WWII.
It followed a family that owned Poland's central zoo in Warsaw.
Antonina Zibinska, the main character in the book, helped
save more than 300 people of Jewish descent in WWII. At the same
time, many of the Jewish people being saved helped save and care
for the animals of the zoo.
The moral I got out of the story is to help as many people
as you can and implement tikkun olam which is Hebrew for repairing
the world. I very much enjoyed the book and would suggest to
anyone who enjoys history.


Soccer is a very fun sport both to watch and to play! FCB, or
Futball Club Barcelona, is my favorite team! In the world cup
I support all the countries of my nationalities but I especially
like Italy, Poland, and the US!
Playing soccer is great exercise as you run to get cardio
and it is objective based in terms of getting a goal and defending
your own goal. It is a great way to learn cooperative and
leadership skills as well!
There are many famous players on FCB but the most notable is
Lionel Messi. He is a great player and plays as a forward.
Gerard Pique, a defender, is married to Shakira and helps the team
in many ways. Neymar Jr. used to play for FCB but transferred to
Paris Saint-Germain but is highly considering playing for Barcelona
again in the near future.

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