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Good afternoon, I am just learnig how to use vi editor. I have learned a
lot. In just two days of taking this class. I am excited to see where this
class goes through the semester.
On the first day of class we learned the about networks and the background
of how and why they operate. We learned how eithernet and the internet
evolved over time and how it used now with fiber opitc cables. We learned
about the intenet backbone and how it is run by Tier 1 Networks.
On the second day of class we learned about the basics of Vi editor. I
used the vi Tutor to learn the basics. Such as movement. J is to move down,
k is to move up, h is used to move left, and l is used to move right. I you
would like to edit something already existing you press i to enter the
insert mode. Then you press escape to exit that mode. If you want to save
and exit press :wq. That is what I learned over the pass three days.


AITP for the year of 2020-2021. This upcoming year for AITP I will be the
president. So I am typing out ideas that I would like to implement. Ffirst,
I would like to make a discord for our community. Second, I am going to
extend all paid memberships by a semester to compensate for what members
missed last semester. Finally, I want to be a bit ahead on our events, to
have better attendance.
The reason I want to make a discord is to have a platform where everyone
can go to get the latest news on the club. I also want to start a community
where students can interact and work on group projext without having to set
up a zoom meeting or having to find a room in the libary. This can save
them time and be able to ask questions to people in the discord if they are
For the compenstation of last semesters member fees I thought it was only
fair. Being that we could not hold any events. Also they were not able to
get shirts for that semester. So it is only fair to extend everybodies
membership. I hope this year of AITP goes well.


My topic for the website project is going to be on the ps5. With the new
console coming out this fall I thought having all the news and rumors.
With the event happening today I thought it would be good amount of info.
I think this topic will be easy to cover and be enjoyable.
I have been following playstation since I was little. So being able to
work on it now is awesome. I will be post my opinons and have forumn for
people to give their suggestions and ideas about whgat the console will be
like. I think there will be lot to cover after June 6, since they are doing
a whole presentation on it.
I also might do a section on the Xbox Series X. So I have different look
on the events going on. Also to see how the specs compare. So we can see
what is the better purchase overall for the consumer. I personally don't
know which will win the hype for when they come out.

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