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File1, 2, & 3 for iadhi:


Tesla's Model 3 has shipped from the start with a camera pointing at the
cabin, but it has gone unused every since. What's it for? You won't have to
wonder much longer.
Elon Musk has confirmed that the camera is there to support Tesla's
eventual robo-tax plans. Since you won't be in the car yourself when its
picking up rides, the camera will provide video evidence if passengers
trash the interior. A pair of sleuths have also captured pictures of what
the camera sees. and its unsurprisingly provides a clear, wide angle view
of the seating.
Electrek adds that Tesla has been exploring other ideas. Musk hinted it
might help you record your "caraoke" sessions, and the company recently
applied for a patent on using the camera to recognize occupants and apply
settings when they're inside. For now, though, the in-cabin camera is more
a symbol of Tesla's lofty future.


I'd say Tesla literally took the internet by storm when the Cybertruck
entered this world back in November. Since then, Tesla has only dropped
small bits of information on the electric pickup truck, but the internet
has perhaps given us a big update.
Thanks to a crowdsourced list the Cybertruck Owners Club forum put
together months ago, they've kept an approximate tally on preorders for
the pickup. The figure as of March 31? Approimaterly 622,000 preorders.
Contrast that with the last update we heard from Tesla CEO Elon Musk in
November and we're looking at roughly 372,000 new preorders for the pick
up. Musk last said via Twitter Tesla recieved 250,000 preorders for the


Tesla's extreme Australian makeover continues with a new "virtual power
plant," part of the continent's overall program to encourage these
collections of renewable resources. Tesla is just the first to make and
report on a virtual power plant for the program.
Like the large energy storage facility Tesla operates in South Australia,
the goal of the virtual power plant is to both collect energy and store it
to be fed back into the grid. The pilot virtual plant is distributed
across the rooftops of 1,000 low-income homes in South Austrialia, and
Tesla says its goal is to eventually have 50,000 solar rooftops there.
That number might sound small, but South Australia only has about 1.6
million residents. By hosting panels that feeed into virtual plant,
low income South Austalians are seeing up to 20 percent drops in their
energy bills, according to a news report from the Australia Energy
Market Operator.

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