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Over the course of Dragon Ball Z and its subsequent anime series, main
characters Goku and Vegeta have fathered their own generation of hybrid
human-Saiyan offspring, with the natural potential to become even stronger
than their fathers. And with the future of the franchise uncertain after
the conclusion of the most recent anime series Dragon Ball Super, Akira
Toriyama's long-running anime phenomenon could potentially look to
inspiration for its directions from its forgotten '90s anime series
Dragon Ball GT.
Taking place roughly five years after the end of Dragon Ball Z, GT
followed the adventures of Goku and the Z Fighters as they confronted
various new, powerful threats including Baby, Super Android 17 and the
villainous Shadow Dragons emerging from the Dragon Balls themselves.
Nowhere near as popular as its predecessors, GT ran for less 100 episodes
before its eventual ending, with the franchise quietly dismissing its
events as non-canonical, with events in Super visibly contradicting
elements and story arcs introduced in GT as it forged its own future for
the franchise. However, the end of GT offers a potential direction for a
follow-up to Super, not unlike how DC Rebirth provided a new direction
for the DC Universe.


The final bout in GT didn't feature Goku or Vegeta as its combatants but
rather both of the Super Saiyans' distant descendants. The ending of the
final episode was set approximately a full century after the events of the
main series, with an elderly Pan watching her great-great-grandson.
In the English dub, her grandson, despite the chronological discrepancies,
Goku, Jr. progress through the World Martial Arts Tournament, facing off
against Vegeta, Jr. in the tournament's final round. While both still
children, the two fighters transform into Super Saiyans, becoming spitting
images of their respective ancestors.
oth the final episode of GT and its follow-up television special Dragon
Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy revealed Goku was alive and well, evidently
immortal and ageless after merging with Shenron following his final battle
against the Shadow Dragons. The resurfaced Goku quickly befriends his
descendant, teaching him the value of courage and how to tap into his true
potential to transform into a Super Saiyan for the very first time.


While the main events of GTare no longer considered canon, it could offer
a rough template for future canonical adventures for the franchise. Dragon
Ball Z's narrative had a major generational shift, with Goku and the Z
Fighters learning to put their trust in Gohan to help save the day during
the fight against Cell.
Vegeta's son Trunks similarly played a vital role, both as a
time-traveling hero from post-apocalyptic alternate future and by fusing
with Goku's younger son Goten to form the composite Super Saiyan warrior
Gotenks. And while Gohan and Goten took a more supporting role in Dragon
Ball Super, Future Trunks resurfaced to save both timelines from the evil
Zamasu. Future stories could follow subsequent generations of Super
Saiyans, not unlike DC's rumored plans for its 5G timeline.
Pan was also already introduced as a fighter worthy of her parents and
grandparents' legacy and her descendants could similarly grow stronger
while the classic characters take on a more mentoring role in the
franchise. And as the franchise approaches its 40th anniversary, a new
generation of Z Fighters could be just the shot in the arm Toriyama's
story needs to take things into a bold, new direction while incorporating
elements of GT back into the narrative as it moves into the future.

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