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It's not surprising how two important words can get lost under an avalanche
of leaks, rumors, and news where the Playstation 5 is concerned. However,
a redditor called u/Optamizm has decided to remind everyone about those
particular words, which are low speed.
The current reference in regard to the PS5's SSD in action is a video
clip that we reported on in May of last year. It involves a comparison
being held between a PS5 devkit and a Playstation 4 Pro to show off how
much quicker the next-generation console's SSD could deal with loading a
game and rendering scenes.
Sony has since provided the world with the technical data regarding the
PS5's SSD: 825 GB drive that can utilize a 12-channel interface to get
to transfer rate speeds of 5.5 GB/s (uncompressed).


With the Xbox One, Microsoft notoriously fumbled the announcement.
While introducing the Xbox One in 2013, the company spent a lot of time
talking about "entertainment" rather than gaming.
When the console was first detailed in June at E3 2019, the annual video
game tradfe show, the very thing that Xbox head Phil Spencer said about
the new console was the quote above - "we heard you" being core to that
Spencer, on behalf on Microsoft, is making a direct effort to earn back
the so-called "core gamer" audience that was so critical to the success
of the Xbox 360


Video games continue to evolve in their storytelling capabilities, art,
and emotional complexity. The millions of people who already game know
this - and now, under quarantine, the rest of us are catching up.
Why are so many people suddenly drawn to games? A researcher, Ph.D.
student, and the author of the Psychology and Video Games series who
goes by PlatinumParagon tells Inverse that this sudden video game
attraction phenomenon can be explained by three factors.
One of the factors is that video games are immersive and interactive
experiences. The experience of playing is akin to taking a "mental
vacation" from the 24/7 news cycle and the constant scroll of social

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