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File1, 2, & 3 for aalmuways3:


Brief History
Mobile phones have a longer history than tablets. The first call form a mobile
device was by Martin cooper in 1973.The device was huge and weighed 2.4 pounds.
The first concept for a tablet was published in 1972 by Alan Kay and dubbed
Dynabook (Strickland).Apple was however the first company that introduced
commercially viable tablets with its iPad line of product in 2010.


Differences in physical attributes
Both devices differ in physical attributes. Tablets have bigger screens than
smartphones. Due to their size, they tend to have higher resolution and longer
battery life. This makes them ideal for the long media content (Appsee). These
attributes also make tablets better for gaming and other high-power consuming
applications and use.


Whereas smartphones are pocketable, tablets are portable. Most tablet users
keep them at home or in the office. Smartphones, on the other hand, are taken
everywhere the user visits. This makes smartphones a necessity while tablets
are a productivity device or luxury.

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