File1, 2, & 3 for zahmad:

File1, 2, & 3 for zahmad:



Hello, I am back on File 1 because I have received a UNICode Error.
Usually you get these errors when copying and pasting special characters
but I did not do that. I was quite stumped as to what caused this and
have been trying to troubleshoot this issue but I cannot figure it out.
I hope typing a new File will help. Wish me luck!


Hello, it is me again. I have to edit File2 as well, in order to resolve
this UNICode error. I hope this works or else this will be even more
frustrating than it already has been. I have even tried copying and
pasting my original text from to a notepad file
and even pasting it back as plain text I am stil receiving the UNICode
error. Well, hope this works.


Hello, this is the last file. I am quite happy that I do not have to
continue typing like this. It has been fun using bash commands.
Well, go to go. See you another time! Goodbye!

No lines are longer than 80 characters, TYVM.
Other specified properties aren’t being scored automatically at this time so this is not necessarily good news…

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