File1, 2, & 3 for tmoyer:

File1, 2, & 3 for tmoyer:



Jim: Wait. What are you writing? Don't write Ebola or mad cow disease.
Right? 'Cause I'm suffering from both.
Pam: I'm inventing new diseases.
Jim: Oh, great.
Pam: So, let's say my teeth turn to liquid and then, they drip down the
back of my throat. What would you call that?
Jim: I thought you said you were inventing diseases? That's spontaneous
dental hydroplosion.
Pam: Nice.
Jim: Thank you.


Stanley: Sometimes women say more in their pauses than they say in their words.
Michael: Really?
Stanley: Oh, yes. Let's listen to it again. And this time, really listen
to the pauses.
Michael: God, Stanley, that's frickin' brilliant. How do you know that?
Did you learn that on the streets? Sorry.
Stanley: Oh, no, that's ok. I did learn it on the streets.
On the ghetto, in fact.
Michael: No kidding.
Stanley: It's all about my bonus.


Jim: It's true. I'm having a party. I've got three cases of imported beer,
a karaoke machine, and I didn't invite Michael. So three ingredients for a
great party. And it's nothing personal, I just think that if he were there,
people wouldn't be able to relax, and you know, have fun, and my roommate
wants to meet everybody. Because I'm pretty sure he thinks that I'm making
Dwight up. [sighs] He is very real.

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