File1, 2, & 3 for sriggs:

File1, 2, & 3 for sriggs:



We hold these truths to be self evident,
that all men are created equal,
that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.


Mezzofanti, the son of a carpenter, picked up Latin
by standing outside a seminary, listening to the boys
recite their conjugations.
Rojas-Berscia, by contrast, grew up in an educated
trilingual household. His father is a Peruvian
businessman, and the family lives comfortably in
His mother is a shop manager of Italian origin, and
his maternal grandmother, who cared for him as a boy,
taught him Piedmontese.


It's quite possible Linux just doesn't come naturally
to most business majors. Maybe the dollar sign in the
command line distracts them too much.
Maybe it's the fear of the unknown being known
when it being unknown to the many is so lucrative
for the few.
Or maybe it's true what the STEM and liberal majors
whisper in the halls, maybe they're right - we may
just be the laziest.

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