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File1, 2, & 3 for sbeniam3:



Wednesdays's decisive result came after all 12 of the pair's classical
games ends in draws- all 12 of the pair's classicl games ended in draws-
a result unprecedented in world championship history. In a tie break,
players have just 25 minutes on their timers, with 10 seconds added on
after every move
In classical games, each players begin with 100 minutes js, but carlsen
was ruthless on wednesday, winning convincingly in front of a packed
crowd in london. over the last month, the pair have spent close to 50
hours, and played over 750 moves, in Holborn, london, seperated from a
defrential audience by a sheet of undirectional, soundproof glass.
The Norwegian, two years older than his rival, is the more animated of
the combatants. He slouches, rolls his eyees, fidgets and scrunches his
face up when things dont go according to plan. Like an ace poker player
caruana rarely gives much away; his eyes remain locked on the board.


The 2018 world chess championship was the first title showdown between
the world's top ranked players since 1990, when Garry Kasparov beat
Anatoly Karpov. Carlsen and caruana are seperated by just three ranking
points; Carlsen on 2835 and Caruana just behind on 2832.
Having taken a two match lead, carlsen needed just a draw in the third to
seal his victory. when caruana resigned, the championship went to the
world's number one. Caruana had been aiming to become the first American
to win the championsjip since Bobby Fischer in 1972.
Carlsen had now won all four world championship matches he has played in,
having claimed the title for the first time in 2013. He will now hold the
title for at least another two years.


president Trump has not issued a ststement but threatned toc ancel a
planned meeting with Russia's President vladimir putin on the sidelines
of the G-20 summit, still, trump has refused to hold Russia accountable
for its increasingly aggressive behavior and the kremlin confirms that
the meeting will go as planned.
The skirmish on Ukraine's coast is a new escalation in Russia's four-year
war with Ukraine and the latest move to destabilize Ukraine's economy.
so far, the Azov conflict seems unlikely to lead to a full scale millitary
assault by the kremlin. Rather, it is part of a broader Russian effort
to slowly and methodically assert increasing control over ukrainian
territory-both land and sea.
Estern Ukraine, Russia's creeping invasion has sparked a war killing
more than 10,000 Ukrainians and displacing over 1.5 million internally.
In Georgia, which Russia invaded in 2008 to lay claim on two regions,
the so-called internal border keeps moving, meter by meter; slowly but
surely Russia is encroaching further into Georgian territory.

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