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Fifty seemed to Benjamin a glorious age.
He longed passionately to be fifty.
"I've always said," went on Hildegrade,
"that i'd rather marry a man of fifty an be
taken care of than many a man of thirty and take
care of hime."
For Benjamin the rest of the evening was bathed in
a honey-coloured mist. Hildegarde gave him two more
dances, and they discovered that marvellously in
accord on all the questions of the day. She was to go
driving with him on the following Sunday, and then
they would discuss all these questions further.


One September day in 1910--a few years after Roger
Button&Co.;, Wholesale Hardware, had been handed over
to young Roscoe Button--a man, apparently about twenty
years old, entered himself as a freshman at Harvard
University in Cambridge. He did not make the mistake
of announcing that he would never see fifty again, nor
did he mention the fact that his son had been graduated
from the same institution ten years before.
He was admitted, and almost immediately attained a
prominent position in the class, partly because he seemed
a little older than the other freshmen, whose average age
was about eighteen.
But his success was largely due to the fact that in the
football game with Yale he played to brilliantly, with so
much dash and with such a cold, remorseless anger that he
scored seven touchdowns and fourteen field goals for Harvard,
and caused on entire eleven of Yale men to be carried singly
from the field, unconscious. He was the most celebrated man
in college.


Of the life of Benjamin Button between his twelfth
and twenty-first year I intend to say little. Suffice
to record that they were years of normal ungrowth.
When Benjamin was eighteen he was erect as a man of
fifty; he had more hair and it was of a dark gray; his
step was firm, his voice had lost its cracked quaver and
descended to a healthy baritone. So his father sent him
up to Conneticut to take examinations for entrance to Yale
College. Benjamin passed his examination and became a member
of the freshman class.
On the third day following his matriculation he received
notification from Mr. Hart, the college registrar, to call
at his office and arrange his schedule. Benjamin, glancing
in the mirror, decided that his hair needed a new application
of its brown dye, but an anxious inspection of his bureau drawer
disclosed that the dye bottle was not there. Then he remembered--
he had emptied it the day before and thrown it away.
He was in a dilemma. He was due at the registrar's in five
minutes. There seemed to be no help for it--he must go as he
was. He did.

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