File1, 2, & 3 for mdiefes:

File1, 2, & 3 for mdiefes:



Technical Brief: Anti-Virus Software
Prepared by: Matthew Diefes
Virginia Commonwealth University


If you didn't even grow up in the '90s, how can you claim Michael Jordan
is a better basketball player than Lebron? I have always found it
ridiculous when people my age try to make an argument for a player
they have never seen play. If anything, make a case for Kobe.
Shoutout to Kobe.


I do not know too much about anti-virus software, nor do I know
the difference between other providers. Professor Robinett suggested I try
out malwarebytes which I have some success with. I do a lot of online
streaming (this is how I watch most NFL and NBA games)and malwarebytes
has helped block malicious pop ups and web pages from opening on my PC. I
have not heard of Kaspersky until Professor Saunders mentioned it to me,
but the early reserach I've done on it leads me to believe Kaspersky is
the top anti-virus software currently on the market.

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