File1, 2, & 3 for mboadu:

File1, 2, & 3 for mboadu:



Liverpool is the best club in the world
Being a liverpool fan is the best feeling
in the entire world. We have a great fanbse all
over the world, from the streets of Soweto to
the lovely city of Sydney.
Bbased on our greatness, we have a lot rivals.
One of our greatess rivals is Manchester united.
A small from Manchester in the United Kingdom.
They think they are better than us beacuse they
have some major titles. But honestly they are the
most annoying people on planet earth.
Let me not get started on chelsea football club
A club that was founded in 2004 but they feel they
feel they have been there since the beginning of time.
A couple of my friends are chelsea fans and honestly
i don't know the difference between United fans and
Chelsea fans. But they are both not up there with


I grew up in the south with a town
where beef starts to spread.
And death comes about
And friends start to go
And Feds comes around,
there's no where to go
Apart from the ground
We didn't have no Money to touch
i was only little, i didn't know much
No father-Figure
No smile and pictures
I'm working hard
It's all for my mom
she work so harc for a fiver.
Everything i say will be a wave
smiles in my face, my tunes in the rave
No more L's starting from today
only going up, can never downgrade
Trying to get my people out the slums
but keep the respect because that's
where i'm from.


No man on this planet is as bad as Tony Montana
The man came from Cuba and took over Miami
He made so much money from Drugs.
Although his death was tragic,he was still Boss.
I recommend everybody to watch the movie.
The film titled "Scarface" was produced in 1983
The fictional character is potryaed by Al Pacino.
It was written by Oliver Stone and directed by
Brian De Palma. it wasa remake of the 1932
film of the same name.
Tony Montana has become a cultural icon
and one of the modt famous movie characters
of all time. The movie has won several awards.
In 2008 Montana was named the 27th greatest
movie character by Empire Magazine.

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