File1, 2, & 3 for jbonilla:

File1, 2, & 3 for jbonilla:



My topic will be on gaming consoles. I will be specifically talking about
Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo as they are the three largest at the moment.
Not only will i be comparing them in their markets and how they do against
each other but i will also bring other gaming markets such as PC gaming,
and compare not only how consoles do against each other but how they do
against PC quality and the ups and downs of gaming consoles such as price,
quality, and reputation.
When it comes to price, this is where it varies in terms of if people want
to base price of each gaming system with features, or just if they are looking
to spend on a budget. When it comes to budget, people really just look for
a system that fits there price range which is where consoles come in.
Consoles are a good option because there prices are typically under five
hundred and you rarely need to replace parts unlike PC where you need to
buy replacement parts and you can spend over one thousand dollars in order
to get a good working PC gaming system.
I myself own a Playstation 4, and i have always been a Playstation user
in the last generations. I will most liekly continue being a Playstation
user for future generation. It's the system i grew up with and  i  gave
it some thought to move to PC gaming, but i feel like that's for serious
gamers because there is a lot of investment involved into it. I am
competitive for some games but i feel that i am casual when it comes
to gaming and i do not need to invest so much in gaming.


Test file, so i am going to tell you a story about me. I love to
play soccer. I've been playing soccer for the past 16 years now.
Not only that, i found out in my early years that my left is my
dominant foot.
This isn't a rare thing, but the majority of the people in this
world are right dominant. But what is weird about me is that
instead of just being left dominant all around like most left
footed players, i am right handed too. People found this strange
because most of the people i know that are left dominant are also
left handed.
I found out that i was indeed left handed in my early stages of
life but my father thought that being left handed would be a
problem later on in life and forced me to write with and do
other stuff with my right hand to make me right handed. This
wasn't too difficult of course because all he needed to do
was remind me to use my right instead of left since i was
at a young age and couldn't really write with either yet.


last file and just a couple more lines so here is another story about
me. When it came being athletic, i was always striving to be more than
before. At some point it seemed like i was over working myself because
i was doing cross-country, track, and soccer for high school while
also having club team practice and individual training sessions
for things i need to work on.
My high school days you would find me after school at one of sports
practices throughout the year. Fall would be cross-country where
we would prepare for 5k races in which i would usually run 7 miles
daily and about 3 miles for recovery and days before the race. Winter
i would be doing track. Mainly would be running events such as 400m,
1000m, or relays like the 4x400m. Practices for these consisted of
form training and repetition. Spring and summer consisted of soccer.
I would have training both before and after school, which is typically
scrimmages and drills.
On top of all those high school sports, i also was a part of SYC club
soccer. So i would be in training for whatever sport i am doing each
day after school, and then i'll immediately go to club team training
sessions afterwards. During the time, i was very athletic and had an
athletic resting heart rate of 46. Nowadays i find myself doing less
as i only play soccer mostly for fun and competition over the summer
and my resting heart rate is 57 which shows i'm still athletic but
not how i used to be.

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