File1, 2, & 3 for htennant:

File1, 2, & 3 for htennant:



Hello there world,
I'm writing this to you from my house.
My house in in the woods,
surrounded by trees and animals.
I am not sure if you can find me.
But I can always find you.
There is a cat that lives with me,
and he is very soft.
My dog lives with us as well,
he is a German Shephard.
Our other dogs are a Belgian Malimois, a Toy Poodle, and a Shihtzu.
We also have a Koi Pond full of fish and plants.
My sister has two Guinea Pigs, one named Thor and one named Loki.


I really like sports and video games, especially competitive online games.
There is nothing more fun than beating random people online.
I like games like Overwatch, Street Fighter, and DBFZ.
I also love watching and playing football and baseball.


I am really stressed with this class,
It makes me really excited for winter break.
I can't wait to be off and not wake up for class every day.
But at least this class is almost over.
One more project and a final exam, and I'll be done with this for a while.
Hopefully the final isn't too difficult as the first two quizzes were kind
of hard
Well, I'm off for now.
See you around!

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