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File1, 2, & 3 for handrade2:


Hello My name is Haziel Andrade. I grew up in DC but i was born in Bolivia.
My passion and intrests aside from technology are playing piano and making
music. I started playing piano when I was 16 but I didnt start performing
till I was 18.
When I got to VCU,I got very comfortable playing shows and performing shows by
myself and others.Now I play keys for the band I am in called Los Malcriados
with other students I have met here at school.


The genres that we play are funk,salsa and jazz. There are 10 people in our
band. I am the only keyboard player. Then there is a brass section of three.
There is 3 people on Percussion and then we have two guitar players and one
bass player.That makes for a total of 10 people.


I am very greatful to have found a community of musicians here at VCU.
The felt that the school I was in in a high school that didnt encourage
being creative but I now feel pushed to be as creative as possible.I have
found people and spaces I am comfortable in, but also encouraged to do better
and be better!

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