File1, 2, & 3 for gashraf:


File1, 2, & 3 for gashraf:


Hi My first paragraph in this editor. I hope to learn a lot in this
class. Especially the mainframe editor and the machines that run on
linux. I know its big but at the same time it is harder without a
user interface and I do not know why it can not be changed.
Hi My name is Gulfam ashraf. I am a student at VCU.
I am an Ahmadi Muslim . I am deeply interested in community service.
I do not know what to write in my paragraphs so I will just explain
what my hobbies are. First of all I like swimming Secondly I like
hiking. I have been all over the united states. My favourite place was
the grand Canyon in Arizona. Second favourite is the Rocky mountains in
Colorado. Thanks a lot.
Other thing in my life is walmart. I work at their Distribution
in southerland Va. The work is so hard that when I come home my arms are
huting. It is because I flip boxes all day.That's not it there is more.
I fill about 5 trailers a day with boxes. Unload about 4 in a day.


I am gonna explain a little bit about my self and how I got
to the states. I was born in Pakistan but we faced religious
persecution because we are different from the mainstream
Muslims. One difference is that they nelieve Jesus did not
die on the cross rather flew to the skies. On the other hand
we believe that he was a prophet of God did not die on the
cross. He was taken down alive by his deciples and then
migrated towards Kashmir looking for the lost tribes of
When I was on the Island it was a lot of fun.
I loved coconut trees. Especially the ones that are
yellow they have only water. That water fresh out of
a coconut is better than what you get here.
other than that Sri Lanka has a lots of good
mountain places that I visited it was like heave.
A few fruits very common in the market were bananas
papaya and mango. there are local fruits but I do
not recall their names. Some were very tast.


There are few other differences between Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
and the mainstream muslims. One of them is regarding the Jihad.
They belive it to be war of the sword still meant by this word
but we bwlive its the struggle with oneself to become a better
human. War of today is to be fought with the pen. As they say
the pen is mightier than the sword. Other major difference is
that we believe that the Massiah that all religions have been
waiting for has come.we have accepted the Promised Massiah.
Imagine what we know can be all wrong. Can we grow up
to 20 billion. There is more energy falling from the sky in
the shape of the sun. we can put a satelite near the sun in
outer space where sun shines all day and then bring that
energy down to power the Earth.
Lets be open minded. Lets open up to science and try
to make this world better. We can not predict the weather
beyond a week. We do not know when the Earth quake is going
to happen. We do not know anything about dark enery and
dark matters which is 95 percent of this universe.

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