File1, 2, & 3 for gaiyudu:

File1, 2, & 3 for gaiyudu:



First American corporation
wanted to change its company's
fortune from bad to good.
According to the papers,
"The company lost $60 million
and was in operation under
letters of agreement
with regulations.
FAC changed strategy to a
customer relationship focused
approach at all operational
level ofthe company.


The huge number of customer
information collected gave a
rise to the need for data
First American Corporation
realised that by providing
the customers with the best service
possible, they can receive valuable
This valuable information can be
useful in creating new product designs.
FAC collected and used customers
information through the use of a
data warehouse named Vision.


vision collects customer behaviors
like spending habbits, product used.
It also develops different strategies
to help the company tailor a good
product design.
The prduct produced may create
customer satisfaction.
In the implementation stage of
teh strategy, FAC had to change
employee mindset.
The new way of working was
now banking by information analysis
not by banking by intuition. Another
success factor is the implementation of vision.

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