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One morning, a man found himself walking along a deserted street in a
small town. He had no idea what he was doing or how he got there in the
first place, or where he had been earlier. He didn't even know what time
it was. He saw a woman walking toward him and stopped her.
"I'm afraid I forgot my watch," he said with a polite smile. "Can you
please tell me the time?" When the woman saw him, she screamed and ran
away. The man was shocked. A few minutes later, he noticed that other
people were afraid of him too. Whenever they saw him coming, they
flattened themselves against a building, recoiled in horror or ran across
the street to stay out of his way. "There must be something wrong with
me," thought the man. "I'd better go home as soon as possible."
He hailed a taxi, but when the taxi driver laid eyes on him, he floored
the accelerator and sped away. "This is crazy!" the man said to himself.
He couldn't figure out what was wrong and had no idea what was going on.
All he knew was that he was scared and confused. "Maybe my wife can come
and pick me up," he thought. He found a telephone and called home,
expecting to hear his wife's sweet voice. Instead, a strage voice
answered. "Is Mrs. Sullivan there?" he asked. "I'm sorry, she isn't,"
the voice said. "Her husband died a few days ago in a horrible car crash
and she's attending his funeral."


Lexi Morgan had a dream. She was walking up a dark staircase and when
she got to the top, she walked into a bedroom. The bedroom carpet was made
up large squares that looked like trapdoors. And each of the windows was
fastened shut with big nails that stuck up out of the wood. In her dream,
Lexi went to sleep in the bedroom, but during the night, a woman with a
pale face, black eyes and long black hair slipped silently into the room.
She leaned over the bed and whispered, "This is an evil place. Run away
while you still can." Then the black haired woman grabbed her arm. Lexi
Morgan woke up with a scream and lay awake the rest of the night,
shivering and shaking with fear.
In the morning she told her landlady that she had decided not to go to
Kingston after all. "I can't tell you why," she said, "but I just can't
bring myself to go there." "Then why don't you go to Dorset?" the landlady
asked. "It's a pretty town, and it isn't too far." So Lexi Morgan went to
Dorset. Someone told her she could find a room in a house at the top of
the hill. It was pleasant-looking, and the landlady there, a plump,
motherly woman, was nice as could be. "Let's look at the room,"
she said. "I think you will like it."
They walked up a dark, carved staircase, like the one in Lexi's dream.
"In these old houses the staircases are all the same,"Lexi thought. But
when the landlady opened the door to the bedroom, it was in her dream,
with the same carpet that looked like trapdoors and the same windows
fastened with big nails. "This is just a coincidence," Lexi told herself.
"How do you like it?" the landlady asked. "I'm not sure," Lexi said.
"Well, take your time," the landlady said. "I'll bring up some tea while
you think about it." Lexi sat on the bed staring at the trapdoors and
the big nails. Soon there was a knock on the door. "It's the landlady
with tea," she thought. But it wasn't the landlady. It was the woman with
pale face and the black eyes and long hair. Lexi Morgan grabbed
her things and fled.


There was a sixteen-year-old boy who got a summer job working on his
grandfather's farm. One morning, his grandfather sent him into town on
an errand to buy provisions. The boy drove the pickup truck into town and
parked outside the market. As he was walking along the street, he was
jostled by somebody in the crowd. When he turned around, he was shocked
to see it was the Grim Reaper...Death.
As he stood there in the marketplace, Death beckoned to him. The terrified
boy jumped back ran back to the pickup truck and drove back to the farm as
fast as he could. When he got there, white-faced and trembling, he told
his grandfather what had happened. "Let me take the truck," he begged.
"I'll go to the city and hide. Death will never be able to find me there.
It's the only way to avoid my fate." His grandfather told him he could
have the truck and the boy floored the accelerator and tore off at high
After he left, the grandfather went into town looking for Death.
Eventually, he found the Grim Reaper standing in the crowded marketplace.
The grandfather walked right up to Death and asked, "why did you frighten
my grandson when you saw him this morning? He's just a boy. Only sixteen
years of age. He's too young to die." "I'm sorry about that," said Death.
"I did not mean to beckon to him. I was just startled. You see, I was
very surprsied to see him here in the marketplace. I have an appointment
with him this the city."

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