File1, 2, & 3 for cthompson:

File1, 2, & 3 for cthompson:



This is the start of my 'prose' for deliverable one. I feel for this
one I will type my own. Hmm, what should I utilize as inspiration? Do you
have any recommendations? Guess you can't really answer... In that case, I
will decide what this will be about. The next paragraph will cover
introduce the topic then we will conclude with a conclusion.
Check out that tab. That's nice. These paragraphs are very well
formatted if you ask me. I mean your mans indented the paragraph. I thought
to myself, "Hey, self. He did stress 'well-formatted'. I wonder if that
means he wants to see indentations as well? I wonder how I would even do
that? If it's possible google definetly has it." Then I Googled it. You
know what. It is possible. So yeah, formatting man. It's important.
In retrospect, I guess I did not really introducce a topic in this
prose. Ahh, no biggie. This was still an entertaining read, light humor
with awesome formating. It's what you'd call a win-win. Ayye, peep that
'-'. I really would like to incorporate a ';' into one of my next prose.
I'll be honest though, not 100% on how to use those. Oh well, more orginal
writing to come!


Alright, so right off the gate. I have to come clean. Those indents I
mentioned above are nonexistent. Hey, don't go "Bro, you lyin' my guy?".
Nah, that's not me. I actually failed to remember Professor Saunders did
say indent doesn't show on the site. As I'm typing this I notice my
character limit has not been set. This is a rookie move. Wow, before I can
mention the next paragraph shall be an explanation of the fix, my session
crashed! Almost lost this paragraph.
Wow, this is almost beyonndddd me. That previous statment was a reference
to HahaDavis 'Instagram Comedian'. If you're not hip to who he is look up
one of his compalations. Yeah, so formating that paragraph after I wrote it
was not as straight forward as I thought. I use the :set tw=75, but that
did not change the already written prose. So I use 'v' to go visual &
select the prose, then I typed 'gq' which applied the formatting.
Yeah, so recovering that prose I almost lost wasn't that bad. A little
scary for a minute because I did not want to re-type that stuff. Yeah, so
when I logged back into and typed the command to open File2 I
was met with a promt. It instructed me a recovery file had been made & I
could replace File2 with it. After that it recommended deleting that
recovery file which I did. Next I think I'll use poetry or discuss my topic
a bit.


Bet, so this time I made sure to set my text width. Yeah check it out here
if you look at 'here'. With that set I'm going to talk about my topic some.
Microtransactions in video gaming. It's a hot topic as of late. Even
crossing over into another passion of mine, YouTube, a lot of video game
news YouTubers have been covering the subject. They make a lot of great
videos on the on going regulatory proceedings on the matter taking place
around the country.
You may ask how I feel about them. I plan to leave that final verdict to
more concentrated research. As of now I feel most of my sources favor on
the side of being anti-microtransactions. I'm the type of person who
believes in hearing both sides throughly and forming my own opinion. I do
feel that they can be annoying and definetly can become addicting in the
similarity of slot machines. On the other hand they do have benefits in the
aspect of allowing players to save time and provides game studio's with
another stream of revenue.
I haven't fully explained what microtransactions are. If you're not
familiar, it's pretty much when a game has a system in place for players to
use real currency in exchange for in game advantages or cosmetic items.
Some of these systems are pretty straight forward and include ways for
players to earn the items through playtime. The issue comes when it's the
only way for players to compete with other players, a term known as
'pay-for-play'. This practice has gone uncalled out by video game makers
for years. Two popular examples being Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto & Take 2
Interactive NBA 2k. Ironically Rockstar is own by Take 2.

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