File1, 2, & 3 for bolafson:

File1, 2, & 3 for bolafson:



Hello, this is an example of what will be in File1.
I am excited to continue this project as it will help
me with my daily tasks at work. I use PuTTy
all the time to import data from Excel to an environment
that is called POC. Basically to test to see if the data
works and everything runs smoothly before we push
it into the PROD environment.
I hope this project will help me get a better understanding
of PuTTy. I want to learn how to navigate it better and
get a better idea of all the features it contains.
This is very fun and very cool. I enjoy File1.
I like basketball and I like to play at the gym all the time.
This project is very fun. I learned a lot about PuTTY
and Linux. I hope to work with this more in college.
Using HTML again was also very interesting and reminded
me of how fun it was to use. I plan on creating my own website
over the summer to display my projects and other professional
stuff. Very fun project I enjoyed.


Treat Fultz's mysterious shoulder wrist shooting issues as meaningful
omens, and he's more albatross than promising prospect or project.
His rookie scale deal doesnt provide him any cover. He is earning
8 million this year, will get 9 million next season and has
a 12 million team option for 2020. His average salary over
that span,10 million, a year was crazy and it definitely
was a boost.
On the flips side, Fultz is a 20 year old No1 pick with fewer than 35
games on his resume! Killing the Philadelphia 76ers for trading
the third selection in 2017, and this year's Sacremento Kings pick
(top on protected) is easy, but he was the consensus transcendent talent
of his rookie class.
In some ways, Fultz's lack of availability sells. He is more of an unknown
than a certified bust. There is a mystique in that uncertainty.
The Sixers have to figure out whether or not this market tilts
toward hopeless or intriguing and it lands somewhere in between.


It looks like the Pusha T and Drake beef is far from ending. The Virginia
rapper recently declared himself as the winner of his feud with
the OVO Mogul. King Push is also confident that Drake would not
be able to dig up any dirt on him. Let me tell y'all like this,
I dont got no skeletons, Pusha told The Breakfast Club.
It is what is is G.
Now, it seems the GOOD Music president has more to say about the
situation. On Thursday evenning, Pusha T accused Drake of offering
1000000 USD for embarrassing info on him. Since he didnt back it up
with any verifiable proof, its not clear on how truthful the statement
actually is. Read Pushas claim via Twitter below.
Fans are currently waiting on Drakes response to Story of Adidon.
Drizzy is reportedly ready to deal with the situation, accoeding
to an incredibly good source. Drake has reportedly supported the
mother of his secret child for months financially and plans to
take a DNA test to prove that he child is actually his.

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