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File1, 2, & 3 for athorne:



Do you trust "the cloud"? So many people use this as a common term
but do they really know what it means? Has this just become a common
verb that is used to ambigously, to were people aren't really safely
storing their data? There has been multiple instances (seems to be
only with celebs) were data and pictures have been leaked.
Personally, I prefer to use google drive over the apple icloud.
The google interface provides more options regarding spreadsheets,
presentations or documents. It is also easily accessed throughout
various computers and phones. It is also possible to store a lot
of data before they charge you for space.
The apple icloud is not very user friendly, and also is obviously
strictly used for apple users. They don't give you very much "free"
space before they start charging you. They even charge you to back
up your phone. A lot of andrioid users, use that argument of being
able to control how much space they have.


Cloud storage is a form of storage were data is stored
in logical pools. Imagine swimming in an actual pool
full of random data. I don't think I would want to see
what everyone wants to save.
Several servers are usually leased or bought by people
and companies to be used and monitored. A hosting company
secures the data and watches it like a hawk at their data
Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider is credited to be the inventor
of cloud storage. In the 1960's he worked on a project called
ARPANET, to try and connect people and data from anywhere
whenver they wanted.


If we look at history and how quickly technology has been moving.
Is it possible once we finally get a hold of managing our own
data will it move so quickly that we just have a little chip in
our arm that we won't even have to think about managing our own data.
I think people get very scared of technology and would think it isn't
for convince it is just for the goverment to try and control us. I think
it would be so incredibly convient! You could just scan your wrist to
anything, unlock your car, house, pay for anything.
I guess that also seems like the plot in any current super hero movie
where the goverment is controlling everyoen with those micro chips and
then someone evil villian hacks them and everyone becomes his robots to
take over the world.Hmm...maybe not such a good idea.

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