File1, 2, & 3 for aolayemi:

File1, 2, & 3 for aolayemi:



All I do is finesse and nothing less.
All I do is never stress. Play the game like it's chess.
The opposition must really love getting swept.
Young and I'm staying blessed.
Back at it again. Just trying to get it.
This is a SMS so I hope the haters get the message.
Im like Ryoma Echizen in The Prince of Tennis.
Watch and learn becuase I really don't like to reteach lessons.
Rock Lee with the speed.
Sharingan with the read.
They can't mess with me.
My watch is screaming freeze.


Aye, Back on the command line.
Straight bars, this is my time.
Use mkdir when I want to make that Directory.
You're better off not trying to see the trajectory.
Making these files and I do it with style.
Haters saying "Wow, this is too wild!"
Oh yea, they hate this.
Type "clear" becuase I don't think they can take this.
Setting these permissions.
They need to listen and see what they've been missing.
Nas on the commannd line.
So "it was written."


When I pull up and hop out.
They maight notice how the laptop might come out.
They know this kid is ready on the command line.
I can't hide in a shell and this isn't a script.
That last bar is so hard it'll be a shame if that was something you missed.
See I did it?
See how I get it?
Come on my friend you know I do this.
"cd" command just to move.
Type it in way too smooth.
"vi" command when I want to change it up.
":wq" to save and quit. Yea they know what's up.
I know it, yea I don't need any luck.
Too smooth on the command line. I think they've had enough.

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