File1, 2, & 3 for akormos:

File1, 2, & 3 for akormos:



This is File1
And what a File it is, I could go on and on and
on about this file and how helpful it will be
for all those that happen upon it. What a time
to be alive with a file such as this, we are all
lucky to witness it's presence. All Praise to
this file, and its continued brilliance.


This is File2, Some would say that File2 is better than File1, but
that part of a larger conversation. Who's to say that one should have more
admiration for File1 than File2 based on what they knew that was already
familiar. File1 may be around longer than File2, but does that mean we should
sacrifice newer, different things for the sake of tradition? I can understand
why the average Joe would stick with File1, but I repect the man that dares
to believe a newer, more relevent file like that of File2.


This is File3. Now, I understand there has been alot of debate in the previous
files about whether File1 or File2 are better thant the other, but have you
thought to give File3 a chance? Sure Files1 and 2 have been around longer than
File3, but the entire argument that File2 has surmounted was around the
innovative spirit that is trying new files. I don't me to pressure the
reader to chose one file over another, simply that they should at least
consider File3 as an, option. The more curious you are about different
Files, the more understanding you may have about the single File
you have decided on.

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